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Senior Full-stack/DevOps Developer


C&G Partners is a multi-specialty creative studio, dedicated to design for culture — from cultural organizations to organizational culture. We are seeking an experienced part-time or full-time full-stack DevOps developer with experience in touchscreen and projection installations and capable of taking on a senior architect role while writing and deploying application code.


• 3+ years full-stack development experience
• Familiarity with managing and configuring a variety of web and app servers
• Familiarity with RDBMS databases (Postgresql, MySQL)
• Experience with web frameworks, Python/Django highly preferred
• High proficiency with managing and configuring operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac) with an emphasis on Linux servers, preferably Ubuntu.
• Experience with AWS (EC2, S3) and other cloud-based services
• Experience with Docker (dockerfiles, docker compose, docker registries, etc.)
• Familiarity with configuration management software (Salt Stack highly preferred)
• Scripting and task running (think Bash, Python, Rake tasks, Fabric, etc.)
• Proficiency with Windows system management tools for medium sized networks.
• Comfort with integration of standalone applications (Cinder, openFrameworks, etc) into larger interactive frameworks
• Interest in custom hardware integration: depth sensors, touchscreens, bespoke printing systems, etc.


• System architecture for large museum interactive projects
• Full-stack system recovery and deployment (including Django-based back-end application server, Electron-based HTML front-end applications)
• Keeping cloud-based staging environments (AWS) in sync with local-network production environments
• General troubleshooting, upgrading, and modifying application codebase for HTML+Django-based interactives

We are located in Manhattan, right next to Union Square. The ideal candidate will be local to the NYC area. This can be a full time position with benefits, if desired.

Please email with “Senior Full-stack/DevOps Developer” in the subject line.