Last Saturday, C&G Partners participated in New York Cares Day, a city-wide community service event aimed at revitalizing NYC Public Schools. Overall results for the day: 4,000 people volunteered, 70 schools revitalized, 5 boroughs served, 3,668 gallons of paint emptied, and 12,660 tulip and daffodils planted!

The C&G volunteer team worked with more than 40 volunteers at 616 K High School in Bed Stuy/Clinton Hill to paint a series of murals through their second floor hallway.

The school is relatively new and considered a "second chance" environment for students who failed out of their previous schools. The murals were a series of portraits and quotes of inspirational figures, as well as landscapes.

The administration of the school participated on site as well. School leaders explained that they had lost several students to violence in the past year, and efforts like this help bring spirit back to the community. C&G was honored to lend a hand.