• How do you make a university welcome center inviting, inclusive and accessible to the deaf community? This was our challenge when designing the visitor experience of the newly unveiled Maguire Welcome Center at Gallaudet University (GU), a premier institution of learning, teaching, and research for the deaf and hard-of-hearing. For the project, C&G Partners worked in collaboration with the university and Dangermond Keane Architecture to create a visitor experience specifically for “deaf eyes.” You can read the press reviews on Graphic Design USA and SEGD.

    Test e

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  • British publications Transform and Communicate covered the ongoing collaboration between C&G Partners and Union Square Partnership to rebrand the union square neighborhood. "NYC is a pretty distracting place. You need a strong, clear visual strategy to stand out. And, with Union Square, one of the only truly round-the-clock communities amid the commercial bustle of New York City, the collaboration...pinpoints the square as a cultural, social, and welcoming retreat," according to the articles. Read more at Transform and Communicate.

    Neighborhood Branding Design

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  • The often heard San Diegan inquiry—And where is the River?—is answered through the Oculus Well, a digital installation at the center of the Junípero Serra Museum Welcome Center. The studio designed the installation, along with several planned exhibit phases that were part of the Junípero Serra Museum restoration.

    Junipero Serra Museum

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  • Jonathan Alger shed light on disrupted storytelling at the 2017 SEGD Xlab, a conference about digital innovation and the future of experience design. The session featured C&G's digital designs that demonstrate how the studio incorporates new models of user-engagement. The session that was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. The studio also hosted an SEGD Xlab studio innovation tour for students and industry professionals. This year’s Xlab theme—Experiences in the Era of Disruption—showcased how disruption is impacting experiential graphic design. It included presenters from Living Map, Civiq, DailyDOOH, Float4, Lab at Rockwell, Reality Interactive, Gallagher & Associates, WeWork, Intersection, and Potion, Tessellate, Two Twelve, and others.

    SEGD Xlab 3

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  • Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), with more than 370 consultants in 46 international offices, is a global leader in executive search and leadership consulting. Since 2014, C&G Partners has partnered with RRA's expert marketing team to create event branding, print, media, physical decor and signage for three annual events. Although the events were on different continents with different themes, our approach was the same each time: develop a unique event theme and visual identity that ties to the RRA brand, deploy it as ubiquitously as possible, and thoughtfully conceive all applications large and small. This approach has been fostered by the collaboration between C&G and RRA's own expert in-house marketing team. Without their expertise, encouragement, and willingness to explore creative possibilities, we would not have been able to produce this work.

    RRA 2016_San Francisco_Logo

    This year, the 2016 RRA All Consultants Meeting in San Francisco required a tech-forward...

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  • This fall, C&G Partners longtime client Union Square Partnership once again revealed the depth of the district's culinary community at the 21st Harvest in the Square. Chefs from neighborhood restaurants served signature dishes, used fresh local produce, and paired it all with local wines and microbrews. C&G Partners was once again tapped to create visual branding, event design and graphics for this mouth-watering annual fundraiser. Harvest purple and gold foregrounded curious botanical forms built from silhouettes of silverware, and the imagery spread across banners, menus, invitations, table top signs, posters, ads, and other Harvest material. The playful compositions were designed to suggest leaves in a burst of fall breeze. Most delicious of all, the event raised significant funds to support the community.

    Union Square Harvest Food Festival

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  • Just in: C&G Partners is featured in the first SEGD "Annual of Excellence." Considered the "yearbook of the experiential graphic design community," the Annual celebrates the best projects of 2016, drawn from SEGD's Global Design and Excellence Awards. Our award-winning project for the Sanford Lab Homestake Visitor Center is one of those selected that "represents changing paradigms in the design community...and raise the bar for better user experience," as described by SEGD CEO Clive Roux.

    SEDG Annual

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  • The Society for Experiential Graphic Design (SEGD) announced the winning projects for the 2016 SEGD Global Design Awards this past weekend in Seattle. We are honored to have received an award in the Placemaking & Identity category, for the Sanford Homestake Visitor Center in Lead, South Dakota. The Awards features designers who are "experimenting with ways to enhance users’ enjoyment of the 'real' world with creative experiential designs that communicate," as per SEGD's description.

    Web Sanford Lab 03 (JPG)

    The project includes a suite of exhibits, media programs, and environmental graphics for a Visitor Center at Sanford Lab Homestake, a sophisticated astrophysics lab that was once home to the largest and deepest mine in the Western Hemisphere...

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  • Inspired by the discovery of a new dinosaur species this year, we're looking back at the supergraphic signage system we created for Q?rius, the interactive science education space at the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.

    Project image 4 for Supergraphics, National Museum of Natural History

    The large-scale graphic system included vivid combinations of silhouetted forms...

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  • For Earth Day, C&G is reflecting on our interpretive landscape design at the West Point Foundry Preserve in Cold Spring, New York. The project for Scenic Hudson gave us a chance to create a unique suite of interpretive historic exhibits and graphics, and to design for conservation culture.

    Project image 1 for West Point Foundry Exhibit, Scenic Hudson

    Before nature reclaimed the land in the early 20th century, West Point Foundry was a bustling ironworks that famously produced steam engines and civil war cannons. In 1996 Scenic Hudson purchased the land, transforming the archaeological ruins into a historic nature preserve teeming with wildlife.

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