• On April 22, the Earth Day March for Science in Washington was a celebration of the "role that science plays in each of our lives and the need to respect and encourage research that gives us insight into the world." C&G was proud to contribute to the cause, writing and designing t-shirts, posters, and stickers for our longtime client The Optical Society (OSA). Because OSA is the leading professional association in optics and photonics, it was only natural to suggest slogans like "Don't Mess With Science, We Have Lasers" and "See the Light, Fund Science."

    March for Science

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  • Our logo for the Center for Curatorial Leadership (CCL) has won a Graphis Silver Award and was just published in the Graphis Design Annual 2017. The Annual is an "indispensable resource for both design professionals and students."

    2017 Design Annual

    The CCL logo encompasses a focused, modernist approach...

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  • Alongside a new visual identity for our second decade, we're thrilled to formally announce a new firmwide mission for C&G Partners: Design for culture.

    Several years in the making, this it the result of analysis of our own work over the first ten years of our studio, reflection on the world today, and internal discussion of how we can contribute. We have also been inspired by the academic field of cultural and social anthropology. C&G Partners will remain a multi-specialty creative studio, but now with a refined purpose. We are now dedicated to design for culture — from cultural organizations to organizational culture.

    We were the first to use the word "multispecialty" to describe a design studio. Now, we are the first to dedicate ourselves to design for culture.

    Here is the way we now describe what we do:


    We believe in the untapped value of culture, the institutions that enrich it...

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  • As we begin our second decade, today we launch a redesign of our own visual identity. Our new logotype is intentionally straightforward, highly legible, makes better use of space, and is designed from the start to be a digital native.

    C&G Partners

    Neue Haas Unica, by Monotype’s Toshi Omagari, forms the basis of the refresh...

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  • This fall, C&G Partners longtime client Union Square Partnership once again revealed the depth of the district's culinary community at the 21st Harvest in the Square. Chefs from neighborhood restaurants served signature dishes, used fresh local produce, and paired it all with local wines and microbrews. C&G Partners was once again tapped to create visual branding, event design and graphics for this mouth-watering annual fundraiser. Harvest purple and gold foregrounded curious botanical forms built from silhouettes of silverware, and the imagery spread across banners, menus, invitations, table top signs, posters, ads, and other Harvest material. The playful compositions were designed to suggest leaves in a burst of fall breeze. Most delicious of all, the event raised significant funds to support the community.

    Union Square Harvest Food Festival

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  • Established over 70 years ago, The Teagle Foundation advances liberal arts education through knowledge-based philanthropy. To create an effective rebrand and website, C&G Partners needed to illustrate the Foundation's work at the intersection of traditional academic values and future-forward problem solving for the liberal arts.

    Teagle Logo

    Teagle's updated logo combines a sans-serif uppercase ‘T’ with a lowercase serif ‘f’...

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  • Over 400 abstract logos by international design studios have just been published in Abstract Logo by the UK-based platform Counter-point. C&G Partners' solution for technology firm Altimetrik is featured, alongside projects by many excellent design studios worldwide.

    Abstract Logo

    C&G's brand identity for Altimetrik reflects the firm's iterative process...

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  • If a hurricane came to NYC, would you know what to do? Know Your Zone, our ongoing project with NYC Emergency Management, helps New Yorkers prepare for a disaster before it strikes. Now in its second year the campaign, focused on community engagement, launches on 1 June 2016 to mark the beginning of Atlantic Hurricane Season.

    NYC Emergency Management Know Your Zone 2016

    Know Your Zone identifies NYC's six hurricane zones—ranked in order of risk—that may be evacuated if coastal storms become hazardous...

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  • We're proud to have designed the brand identity for the London-based Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, who celebrated their four-year anniversary this weekend. The identity combines eponymous gallery owner Kristin Hjellegjerde's initials into a custom "KH" monogram. The conjoined slab-serif letters draw on the simple vocabulary of uniform lines. Minimalistic yet distinctive, the monogram is designed to be stylistically appropriate for the art publications in which it appears.

    Project Image for Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery, Brand Identity

    Considering the gallery's diverse artist roster, the brand identity...

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  • During Hurricane Preparedness Week we give you a sneak peek of our designs for this year's Know Your Zone campaign. The NYC Emergency Management initiative encourages New Yorkers to find out whether they live or work in one of the City’s hurricane evacuation zones, the hazards they may face from a hurricane, and what to do to prepare. Stay tuned for more.

    Take steps to prepare for nature’s most powerful and destructive phenomena before Atlantic Hurricane Season officially begins on June 1, 2016.

    Know Your Zone 2016

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