• The Washington Post lifestyle column "Crunched," included the article "Your interior designer might be very happy," based on C&G Partners illustration for the first AIGA Design Census. The article features Partner Maya Kopytman's infographic that applies job satisfaction data to the length of a smile. Read the article here.

    AIGA Design Census_Washington Post

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  • Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), with more than 370 consultants in 46 international offices, is a global leader in executive search and leadership consulting. Since 2014, C&G Partners has partnered with RRA's expert marketing team to create event branding, print, media, physical decor and signage for three annual events. Although the events were on different continents with different themes, our approach was the same each time: develop a unique event theme and visual identity that ties to the RRA brand, deploy it as ubiquitously as possible, and thoughtfully conceive all applications large and small. This approach has been fostered by the collaboration between C&G and RRA's own expert in-house marketing team. Without their expertise, encouragement, and willingness to explore creative possibilities, we would not have been able to produce this work.

    RRA 2016_San Francisco_Logo

    This year, the 2016 RRA All Consultants Meeting in San Francisco required a tech-forward...

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  • This fall, C&G Partners longtime client Union Square Partnership once again revealed the depth of the district's culinary community at the 21st Harvest in the Square. Chefs from neighborhood restaurants served signature dishes, used fresh local produce, and paired it all with local wines and microbrews. C&G Partners was once again tapped to create visual branding, event design and graphics for this mouth-watering annual fundraiser. Harvest purple and gold foregrounded curious botanical forms built from silhouettes of silverware, and the imagery spread across banners, menus, invitations, table top signs, posters, ads, and other Harvest material. The playful compositions were designed to suggest leaves in a burst of fall breeze. Most delicious of all, the event raised significant funds to support the community.

    Union Square Harvest Food Festival

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  • The greatest reconstruction project in modern history is the subject of the new book Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan, written by Columbia University Professor of Real Estate Lynne B Sagalyn. The fall of the twin towers on 9/11 had an undeniable global impact, but the sixteen acres in Manhattan where the Twin Towers fell saw the most physical destruction. Released by Oxford University Press on September 9, the book is a definitive account of the post-9/11 rebuilding of Ground Zero and the Lower Manhattan district. C&G Partners is privileged to contribute cartography and infographics that synthesize a decade of research and illustrate the symbolic reconstruction project.

    Power at Ground Zero

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  • Over 400 abstract logos by international design studios have just been published in Abstract Logo by the UK-based platform Counter-point. C&G Partners' solution for technology firm Altimetrik is featured, alongside projects by many excellent design studios worldwide.

    Abstract Logo

    C&G's brand identity for Altimetrik reflects the firm's iterative process...

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  • Annual reports are not only published by for-profit companies, and despite what we assume they're not all turning digital. The rumored "renaissance of print" is evident in communication design and organizations of all kinds. After wrapping up another annual report season, we realize that our nonprofit clients including The Rockefeller University, Union Square Partnership, Kress Foundation, and American Council of Learned Societies, although very different all agree financial reporting is a must and pick print as their medium of choice.

    Our longest standing annual report design is for the Kress Foundation, who promote the enjoyment and understanding of European Art and Architecture through education, grants, and fellowships.

    Annual Report Design

    Each year, the Kress report is designed around a carefully curated selection of portraits...

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  • You still have time to submit your idea for the excellent Sappi Ideas that Matter grant, due next Friday, July 15th. Sappi's 17-year-old grant program produces great things, and C&G Partners is proud to be a past winner. For this Ideas That Matter season, we're posting images of the entire book we made with our past grant.

    Working with America's leading wildlife artist Deborah Ross and writer Alison Jolly, we created a bilingual (English and Malagasy) illustrated children's book to increase lemur awareness and literacy in both Madagascar and abroad. The folktale NyAiayAko (Ako the Aye Aye), follows a juvenile aye-aye (a type of lemur) named Ako living in a Madagascar forest. The 2005 edition of the book, conceived and designed at our predecessor firm, was so successful that UNICEF created a second special grant for a follow-up version of an additional 300,000 copies, to be distributed to every reading age student on the entire island nation.

    Enjoy this post (our longest ever) of our entire illustrated book "Ako the Aye-Aye".

    Sappi_Ideas that Matter_Ako the Aye-Aye

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  • As we head to the Union Square Partnership Annual Meeting today, C&G Partners reveals its design for the community organization's Annual Report 2016 and looks at the impact of the new brand identity originally that debuted a year ago. Now in our second year of collaboration with the Partnership, our design work aims to capture the culture of the vibrant nine-acre Manhattan district the Partnership is dedicated to enhancing.

    Union Square Partnership Annual Report Cover

    The Annual Report 2016 reflects the Partnership’s exceptional growth over the last year as well as the vitality of Union Square where...

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  • The Thain Family Forest is the largest vestige of the woodlands that once covered New York City: a 50-acre swath of centuries-old native trees still thriving in the Bronx. The research site, visitor destination, and educational resource is situated at the heart of the New York Botanic Garden. C&G Partners designed a map series for the Thain Family Forest Program, which is dedicated to preserving the forest.

    Thain Family Forest Program Maps

    The map series begins with a depiction of The Thain Family Forest...

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  • Biomedical imagery becomes modern art in our upcoming redesign of communications materials for The Rockefeller University in Manhattan.

    C&G Partners' The Rockefeller University Redesign, Detail

    The customized visual style of booklets, banners, and brochures is drawn from current biomedical research imagery in University labs. The juxtaposition of science and art aims to capture the unique essence of an advanced science facility that happens to be in the middle of New York City.

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