New York City Department of Parks and Recreation Marine Park Salt Water Marsh

Marine Park is one of the last patches of undeveloped salt marsh in New York City. We designed educational exhibits that describe the preservation of the park. We hoped to both educate and encourage the people from the surrounding neighborhoods to feel a sense of pride and responsibility toward this unique salt marsh. An enclosed interactive tidal water wheel simulates the tides. At a Wentzscope station, kids investigate marine microorganisms. Open file drawers contain layers of natural history materials and castings of artifacts like arrowheads, pottery shards, and tracks. A large diorama, Disturbed and On-the-Mend has two halves: one is filled with signs of human intervention and non-native invasive phragmites, the other with natural marsh grass, bird boxes and elements of the landscape that are “on the mend.” A mobile comprised of taxidermied native birds and light fixtures modified to look like clouds hangs over the exhibits. We used I-beam and redwood timber construction to reflect the center’s architecture.