Fresh Projects

  • Shakespeare Unauthorized, a provocative new exhibit designed by C&G Partners, is now on view at the Boston Public Library. Commemorating the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, the exhibition makes public the largest collection of the Bard’s work at any public institution. The project “pulls back the curtain on four hundred years of collaboration, confusion, and even literary deception that surround the plays, poems, and life of William Shakespeare.”

    Shakespeare Unauthorized

    Although he is a cultural icon...

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  • Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), with more than 370 consultants in 46 international offices, is a global leader in executive search and leadership consulting. Since 2014, C&G Partners has partnered with RRA's expert marketing team to create event branding, print, media, physical decor and signage for three annual events. Although the events were on different continents with different themes, our approach was the same each time: develop a unique event theme and visual identity that ties to the RRA brand, deploy it as ubiquitously as possible, and thoughtfully conceive all applications large and small. This approach has been fostered by the collaboration between C&G and RRA's own expert in-house marketing team. Without their expertise, encouragement, and willingness to explore creative possibilities, we would not have been able to produce this work.

    RRA 2016_San Francisco_Logo

    This year, the 2016 RRA All Consultants Meeting in San Francisco required a tech-forward...

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  • The Boston Globepreviews Shakespeare Unauthorized at the Boston Public Library, opening to the public on Friday, October 14. "C&G Partners, which designed the installation at the McKim Exhibition Hall, took its cue for the exhibit from the classic line from “As You Like It”: “All the world’s a stage/And all the men and women merely players,” according to the article by Cristela Guerra. Read more on The Boston Globe.

    Boston Globe Article on Shakespeare

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  • This fall, C&G Partners longtime client Union Square Partnership once again revealed the depth of the district's culinary community at the 21st Harvest in the Square. Chefs from neighborhood restaurants served signature dishes, used fresh local produce, and paired it all with local wines and microbrews. C&G Partners was once again tapped to create visual branding, event design and graphics for this mouth-watering annual fundraiser. Harvest purple and gold foregrounded curious botanical forms built from silhouettes of silverware, and the imagery spread across banners, menus, invitations, table top signs, posters, ads, and other Harvest material. The playful compositions were designed to suggest leaves in a burst of fall breeze. Most delicious of all, the event raised significant funds to support the community.

    Union Square Harvest Food Festival

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  • The Smithsonian's newest museum in Washington, D.C., the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), made history when it opened this weekend as the only national museum exclusively dedicated to African American culture. C&G Partners is thrilled and overjoyed about this milestone for the Museum. We are also humbled to have played a small role, creating the digital Guestbook and Member Honor Roll that helps visitors leave something of themselves behind when they enter or leave. NMAAHC is the latest example of this digital guestbook project: there is a story behind the evolution of the idea, and a history of other installations leading up to this one.

    To digitize the traditional elements of a guestbook...

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  • Heartfelt congratulations to the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC), opening to the public this past weekend in Washington D.C. with the help of many dignitaries and luminaries. The long-awaited NMAAHC is the only national museum exclusively dedicated to the documentation of African American experience, and C&G Partners is privileged to have played a role. Our Guestbook and Member Honor Roll for the museum gives visitors a new, digitally integrated way to leave something of themselves behind.

    national museum of african american history and culture
    Fuzheado, Source Wikipedia

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  • The greatest reconstruction project in modern history is the subject of the new book Power at Ground Zero: Politics, Money and the Remaking of Lower Manhattan, written by Columbia University Professor of Real Estate Lynne B Sagalyn. The fall of the twin towers on 9/11 had an undeniable global impact, but the sixteen acres in Manhattan where the Twin Towers fell saw the most physical destruction. Released by Oxford University Press on September 9, the book is a definitive account of the post-9/11 rebuilding of Ground Zero and the Lower Manhattan district. C&G Partners is privileged to contribute cartography and infographics that synthesize a decade of research and illustrate the symbolic reconstruction project.

    Power at Ground Zero

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  • Established over 70 years ago, The Teagle Foundation advances liberal arts education through knowledge-based philanthropy. To create an effective rebrand and website, C&G Partners needed to illustrate the Foundation's work at the intersection of traditional academic values and future-forward problem solving for the liberal arts.

    Teagle Logo

    Teagle's updated logo combines a sans-serif uppercase ‘T’ with a lowercase serif ‘f’...

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  • We're getting into the 2016 Summer Olympic spirit by revisiting an exhibition project, Faster, Higher, Stronger, at Manhattan's Time Warner Center that showcased 50-years of Olympic photography by Sports Illustrated.

    Project image 3 for Faster, Higher, Stronger Exhibit, Sports Illustrated

    Pegged to the Athens Summer Olympic Games in 2004, the exhibit architecture makes bold use of interlocking rings from the traditional Olympic symbol...

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  • We know from experience that in a citywide emergency, New Yorkers need safe places to gather. Our longtime client, NYC Emergency Management, just launched the Share Your Space Survey to identify local spaces that can support emergency operations and outreach events, and we made them a "time lapse drawing" to help explain. The spot follows the illustrator's hand as it builds sketches of whole scenes, in a twist on the typical whiteboard video. Each individually photographed frame creates an illusion of movement that is clear, engaging, and easy to understand.

    C&G Partners has worked with NYC Emergency Managment...

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