Jonathan Alger shed light on disrupted storytelling at the 2017 SEGD Xlab, a conference about digital innovation and the future of experience design. The session featured C&G’s digital designs that demonstrate how the studio incorporates new models of user-engagement. The session that was followed by a panel discussion and Q&A. The studio also hosted an SEGD Xlab studio innovation tour for students and industry professionals. This year’s Xlab theme—Experiences in the Era of Disruption—showcased how disruption is impacting experiential graphic design. It included presenters from Living Map, Civiq, DailyDOOH, Float4, Lab at Rockwell, Reality Interactive, Gallagher & Associates, WeWork, Intersection, and Potion, Tessellate, Two Twelve, and others.

SEGD Xlab 3
SEGD Xlab 6