Associate Partner, Alin Tocmacov, presented at the 2018 SEGD Exhibition & Experience event in Washington D.C. on August 23–24. In “Unlimited Possibilities: Innovating with Best Practices for Digital Experiences,” Alin described processes to design for “phygital culture,” create emotional environments, and make memorable experiences. He used case studies, including the Museum of the Bible, to showcase how new technologies impact our expectations in experience design and what it takes to keep up with the ever-changing digital evolution.

SEGD E&E is the only comprehensive event focused on exhibition and experience design, with an agenda developed to provide insights to design the most effective, engaging and balanced exhibition and experience projects today. See this SEGD article for more about Alin’s session and the phygital future. Here is a quick teaser sample:

What makes a successful digitally-integrated exhibit? 

I believe in the “phygital,” the intersection between physical and digital, when digital components are seamlessly integrated with the physical design to create one enhanced experience. Success can take the shape of reactions like, “Wow, how did they do that?” to visitors not even noticing the technology because it is so intuitive; they just engage with the experience.