When is a design studio an art gallery? At the “After—Hours” opening reception. In the studio one evening last week, art and art lovers took over C&G Partners as friends, family, and designers mingled over prosecco, charcuterie, and beats by DJ Keith Madden.

Whether it was animations and films in the conference room, watercolors hung on the closet doors, or immersive installations in the restrooms, all the art was created by C&G staff after hours, reflecting the multidisciplinary professionals that have made C&G their home. And did we mention the prosecco?

Check out the artwork we all made at the After—Hours website.

After Hours Art Show

Greg Mulholland and Isabel Sanchez

After Hours Art Show

Visitors at After Hours

Afterhours 041 (JPG)

Keith Helmetag, Sukeshi Dalmia, Min Kang, and João Miranda

07 Cgartshow 06374Bw (JPG)

Raymond Doherty, Tom Nicholson, Leslie Dann, Maya Kopytman, and Guido Jiménez-Cruz

14 Cgartshow 06304 Tania%20Mohammad Sehba%20Mohamnmad Yoshi%20Tamaoki Nicole%20James (JPG)

Tania Mohammad Furlong, Sehba Mohammad, Yoshi Tamaoki, and Nicole James

Afterhours 037 (JPG)

The film festival included six looping video and animation works

Afterhours 089 (JPG)

Raiza Nazareth, Jonathan Alger, and Shuyler Nazareth

Afterhours 101 (JPG)

Alin Tocmacov

Afterhours 082 (JPG)

T. Kevin Sayama, Lev Zeitlin, Eva Rodriguez, and Daniel Rodriguez

02 Cgartshow 06162 Stuart%20Conley (JPG)

Keith Helmetag, Amy Siegel, and Stuart Conley

Afterhours 035 (JPG)

Daniel Meredith, Donna Zimmerman, Fabio Gherardi, Rio Valledor, and Hannah Nathans

27 Cgartshow 06200 Keith%20Madden Melinda%20Sekela (JPG)

Keith Madden and Melinda Sekela

After Hours Art Show

Scott Plunkett, Maya Kopytman, Denise Amses, and Jacie Lee Almira

12 Cgartshow 06431 (JPG)

Schuyler, Christie Ramistella, Lauren Tomanelli, Kathryn Bowne, and Keith Madden

21 Cgartshow 06192 (JPG)

Visitors at After—Hours

Afterhours 039 (JPG)

Greg Mulholland viewing “Invisible Cities” (2015) by Jenny Kim 

Afterhours 056 (JPG)

Left to right: Michelle Kirby and guests

After Hours Art Show

Left to right: Lucas Lind and Chris Mills

Afterhours 057 (JPG)

Tyler Henry, Annelise Whitley, and Shuyler Nazareth

09 Cgartshow 06303 T.%20Kevin%20Sayama Melissa%20Shorkin Eliza%20Fitzhugh%20 (JPG)

Mellisa Shorken, T. Kevin Sayama, and Eliza Fitzhugh

Afterhours 058 (JPG)

Visitors at After—Hours

16 Cgartshow 06185Bw (JPG)

Elizabeth and Will Twersky

Afterhours 096 (JPG)

Sukeshi Dalmia and Namita Kalani

After Hours Art Show


After Hours Art Show

All images courtesy Alex Ellipses. Check out more on our Facebook page.