A C&G Partners team led by Keith Helmetag designed the exhibits inside a new visitor center for the Nemours Mansion & Gardens in Wilmington, Delaware. Designed as a walk through time, the exhibition follows the interwoven narratives of the DuPont family and the parallel events of world history of the time. The exhibition serves as both an overture and a finale to a grand tour of the home and grounds. The visitor center is a key component of a major restoration. The Mansion was originally designed by Carrere and Hastings, the architects of the New York Public Library and Frick Mansion. It is fully “one acre under one roof” and includes the largest formal French garden in America. The original owner was Alfred I. duPont, who believed that “it is the duty of everyone in the world to do what is in his power to alleviate human suffering.” His Nemours Foundation continues to improve the lives of children today.

The exhibit is arranged as a walk through time, with major milestones forming significant pieces of the visitor center’s architecture. More images:

Visitors are always aware of the natural surroundings beyond the visitor center’s walls.

Detailed text and images trace the parallel history of Alfred DuPont and the events of world history.

The exhibition serves as both a start and finish to a tour of the home and grounds.

The C&G Partners team’s responsibilities also included signage for the project, such as a monumental entry sign cast from solid glass that illuminates at night.