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On the weekend of the North American release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, C&G Partners is proud to more fully share our latest exhibit project: ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume’.

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A collaboration with the Lucas Museum of Narrative ArtLucasfilmSmithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, and Running Subway Productions, the exhibit is a theatrical immersive environment developed from a traveling show.

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“Costume shows usually focus only on the collection, but here we could create a sense of ambience, evoke the characters and bring the costumes to life,” explains designer Daniel Fouad. “By using the surroundings to help represent characters and conjure up memories of the film, the exhibit helps the visitor visualize the narrative of the Star Wars franchise.”

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“C&G Partners is always grateful to collaborate with Running Subway,” added Jonathan Alger, Managing Partner of the firm. “As a company situated in the heart of the Times Square, they appreciate a keen sense of theatricality, so set, lighting and sound design are pivotal. It was also a once-in-a-lifetime privilege for the team to go inside the archives of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art at Skywalker Ranch in Marin County, and to meet the experts there who interpret and care for the collection.”

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The goal of ‘Star Wars and the Power of Costume’ was to create a show that appeals equally to “families, fanboys and fashionistas”. The fan audience required the design to obsess on the details, while at the same time making it accessible to the non-expert visitor too. For C&G Partners, it helped that everyone who worked on it was already a fan (or mega-fan) of the story, which kept everyone constantly inspired.

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The exhibit is open through Fall 2016. Tickets are available now at Discovery Times Square.