The exhibit “OIL! Whales, Wells … What’s Next?”, originally designed by the firm to be installed for one summer at the Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, has just been reinstalled for a second season. Curated by our favorite East End museum director, Zach Studenroth, the exhibit traces the epic history of US energy addiction, from the days of whaling for lamp oil to the concerns of the present.


The ornate, historical, monochromatic interior plays host to an installation of modern simplicity, built in part from relevant materials salvaged from the area around the Museum. Given the subject matter, and because it is open only during the long days of summer, the installation is illuminated with simple sunlight whenever possible.


C&G; Partners also created the identity and promotional graphics for the show, which includes the most vertical logo we’ve ever intentionally made, a visual reference both to an oil well “gusher” and to the “blow” of a diving whale: