Two of C&G’s projects are featured in Graphis Design Annual 2018, released late last month. C&G’s visual identity design for Trellis is a Silver Award winnerTrellis is a digital platform of the well-known American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Designed to be clear and effective, the Trellis identity is a series of repeating “T’s” that emerge from a circle, recalling the product name and its namesake, a structure on which plants grow. This visual metaphor reflects the platform’s vision as a place where scientists’ ideas are nurtured through collaboration. Platform members discuss climate change, biodiversity, and other ideas that matter. 

Award Winning Logo Design Studios

C&G’s visual identity design for the charitable Heron Foundation won a Merit Award in the Annual. The updated logo and identity helped Heron move into the future, defining the Foundation’s shift to an operating model that ensures every resource is dedicated to helping people help themselves. The logo evokes the gesture of a comforting embrace in a serene graphical style, designed to underscore Heron’s quiet approach of results-first leadership.

Project image for Heron Foundation - Brand Identity