This book cover’s design uses a type of map discussed in the book to show its main topic: the racial segregation in housing practices in the United States. Image of book and book cover

More than 50 years after the passage of the federal Fair Housing Act, the book “A Shared Future,” explores what would it take to meaningfully reduce residential segregation and/or to mitigate its negative consequences in the United States. In this volume, leading academics, practitioners, and policymakers grapple with this question, examining different aspects of the complex and deeply rooted problem of residential segregation and proposing concrete steps that could achieve meaningful change within the next ten to fifteen years.

The cover and book design elements are inspired by dot-density maps. Used to show geographic distributions across a landscape, these maps are used in housing data analysis to show patterns of integration vs. segregation of populations based on factors such as income, race, and ethnicity, or education levels.