American Institute of Graphic Arts Coloring Activity Poster

C&G Partners was asked by AIGA to create a poster for Scholastic Instructor's Art/Design Masterpiece poster project, sponsored by Target. Instructor is a 200,000+ circulation periodical, widely distributed to educators, that helps foster creativity across the K-8 curriculum. Color it yourself: download the template (36kb) The assignment was to create a visual response to artist Frank Stella's Hyena Stomp (1962), celebrating the shared elements of art and design while offering a bridge between the classroom and the daily life experience of the students. The firm also helped create an in-class design activity based on the poster that helps students learn the importance of color. Using a downloadable template, teachers lead discussions on how changing colors can alter a viewer's response to what they see, the relationships between complementary colors, and how we make unconscious choices and decisions based on colors every day.