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Museum of the Bible Second Floor
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C&G Partners created 30,000 square feet of permanent galleries for the Museum of the Bible, dubbed the most technologically advanced museum in the world. The galleries comprise the “Impact of the Bible” floor that examines the cultural and historical influence of the most read, most loved, most hated book in the world. Perhaps the most unexpected gallery on that floor is, “Bible Now.” The gallery explores the impact of the Bible in real-time. A 360-degree, full height, constantly changing panorama of digital information shows the Bible’s impact in actual time. The immersive digital experience is sourced from multiple channels. Live information is streamed from social media feeds around the world, readings of tens of millions of Bible app users, a 24-hour time-lapse view of the biblical city of Jerusalem, and current contributions by museum visitors on the three interactive tables, allowing visitors to express their creativity in real-time.

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