Project image 1 for Baruch College Signage, City University of New York
Project image 2 for Baruch College Signage, City University of New York

Baruch College, part of the City University of New York, received a major gift from a single philanthropist that required renaming multiple buildings in and around their existing urban campus in Manhattan. Every building was from a different era, so rather than re-brand the entire campus, an “a la carte” approach was suggested, with each building’s new naming signage taking on a design inspired by each different building.

The result pleased both the College, because they have new signs suited to their valuable pieces of real estate, and the donor’s family, because it seems like their name has been there all along. The most technically challenging part of the project was the recreation of a historic type of traditional cast-metal letter that curves subtly in three dimensions. To resurrect this traditional craft form, the letters were generated by a computer-controlled manufacturing process.