PharMEDium Customer Experience Journey

C&G Partners collaborated with PharMEDium AmericourceBergen, the leading provider of ready-to-use Compounded Sterile Preparations (CSPs), to transform their facility tour into an engaging and state-of-the-art customer experience journey. Not confined to a single space, the customer journey tour enhanced key areas and adds new experiences. To bring the full experience closer to customers, C&G Partners created a series of floor-to-ceiling supergraphics at key locations throughout the journey that provided a sense of visual immersion into the high-tech compounding process—bringing customers closer to the products offering. The supergraphics also provided a solution to the challenge of highly-controlled sterile environments that visitors cannot access, but only view through observation windows. The studio organized complex information, creating curated and controlled experience through the integration of additional layers of information graphics and environmental signages that ensure the delivery of key messages at meaningful moments. The tour also included several digital interactive touch points to enhance the customer experience and demonstrate how PharMEDium monitors every step of the compounding process.