Project image 1 for Infographics, Griffith Observatory
Project image 2 for Infographics, Griffith Observatory
Project image 3 for Infographics, Griffith Observatory
Project image 4 for Infographics, Griffith Observatory

The firm’s new science and astronomy-based exhibits at the Griffith Park Observatory use state-of-the-art interactive and media technologies to present complex information and concepts to visitors of all educational levels and backgrounds.  These exhibits utilize multiple interactive, projection, database and media technologies at a level not before seen for a science center of this scale. Working with longtime collaborator and media programmer Steve Brosnahan, the firm created many new applications of media technologies, including animated ‘motion sidebars’ that enliven interpretive panels and present complex data and astronomical charts with full-motion video. Large video projections, many of them visitor-controlled, combine with numerous interactive stations and guided instruments to offer viewers an incomparable level of information and depth with easily navigable interfaces and programming. Even more remarkably, much of this highly advanced technology works alongside classical theatrical effects that have been brought up-to-date: lighting scrims, laser effects, and “pepper’s ghosts” all enhance a singular scientific achievement in exhibit design.