An online home for the papers, letters and written speeches of the American Civil Rights icon Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.Project image 7 for King Center Archive Website

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A website designed by C&G Partners was launched for The King Center in Atlanta, GA, featuring never before seen documents and artifacts from The King Center collection. The King Center Imaging Project, an Initiative of JPMorgan Chase’s Technology for Social Good program, has created a new digital archive to be the basis of the new site. It makes thousands of documents – letters, speeches, drafts, notes, photos and more – available for free to the general public for the first time. The website’s digital archive was designed to inspire exploration and discovery through the introduction of randomly-displayed collection themes. To facilitate research and education, filters based on specially curated themes parse the collection for a more funneled experience. Advanced search gives expert users specific query tools including location, date range, organizations and people, to name just a few.

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