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For the 80th anniversary of the terrifying events of Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany, C&G Partners developed “1938 Projekt: Posts from the Past,” for the Leo Baeck Institute. The year-long social media, website, and exhibition program presents daily archival documents that tell the story of how German-speaking Jews perceived the dreadful events in the year leading to Kristallnacht, that many views as the beginning of the Holocast. Daily social media and website posts of handwritten letters, diary entries, photos and other archival documents—from the same dates in 1938—create a growing online calendar in real time. The daily drip of documents provides an eerie build-up, drawing in readers and sustaining their interest in a way that’s similar to that of reading a Holocaust-era diary today. Along with the social media strategy, website and exhibit, C&G designed the visual identity for the project, in which the numeral “8” in the year and letter “O” in “Projekt” are aligned and highlighted with a vertical red gesture, hiding in plain sight a commemoration of the 80 years since 1938. The project’s graphic design reflects the modernist, Bauhaus style of the late 1930s.