Mizel Museum Eight Signs iPad Game

The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab, or CELL, in downtown Denver, is an experiment in grassroots-level citizen preparedness against terrorism. Using an interactive exhibition as a delivery method for civic education, the CELL aims to create a new way to empower everyday citizens to counteract terrorism. A surprisingly high percentage of terror incidents are stopped or solved by normal citizens taking note of strange behavior. The Eight Signs Game is an HTML-based, in-gallery, iPad game experience that is carefully connected to the educational messages of the fast-paced exhibit that visitors have just experienced. Each station has a quick, colorful test of knowledge that is visually based on the same cues found in the gallery itself. The strategy is to help visitors strengthen retention of what they’ve learned. Because the CELL wants empowered visitors, not discouraged ones, the questions are made to be complex and urgent-looking, while still being satisfyingly easy to answer.