In addition to other interactives throughout the museum, C&G Partners designed three touchscreens composed of various informative financial topics, such as U.S. Central Banking history, bank robbers, and credit card contracts, all unified in their coherent visual treatment. A timeline of the history of U.S. Central Banking uses an accordion style interface, allowing seamless transitions between screens comprised of text and images of the major turning points in America’s centralized financial history. Utilizing historical photographs and a brief written synopsis, the bank robber interactive allows visitors to learn about some of the most notorious criminals in U.S. history, while transitioning smoothly between the different stories and the main menu. To speak to more current events, CGP also created a touchscreen interactive of a credit card contract, allowing visitors to select various hot spots on both the front and reverse sides of the contract, producing pop up explanations and simplifications of various terms and conditions that so frequently confound the average American.