Museum of American Finance Document Explorer

In order to engage visitors more in important historical documents, C&G Partners designed a series of large-scale touchscreen interactives for the Museum of American Finance. The stations give visitors the power to fly into rare documents and travel around them to experience their design, nuanced detail and hidden features.The first three experiences feature a contemporary $10 bill, a Walt Disney stock certificate and a historical Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway Company bond from the Museum's collection of rare scripophily. Each station has two informational modes. On the simpler level, visitors can select from a series of informational hot spots that pop up terms and definitions about the selected detail. On the more advanced level, visitors seamlessly zoom in and explore anti-counterfeiting printing techniques, the beauty of engraving, and surprising close-up views of allegorical illustrations. When not in use, an attract screen runs on each, unifying all three interactives into one powerful moving visual.