Museum of American Finance Entrepreneur Mirrors

One major exhibit within the Museum of American Finance focuses on both locally and nationally recognized entrepreneurs and their stories of their beginnings, missteps, and eventual successes. Each entrepreneur has five interview segments, ranging from one to two minutes each in length. C&G Partners' challenge was to sew together these segments, and then the overall grouping of entrepreneurs, into a seamless touchscreen interface to navigate through these stories. C&G Partners designed a user interface and visual treatment that was easily scalable between various touchscreen presentations. Designing for both 19” monitors in freestanding towers to 42” sized touchscreens mounted on their sides in mirrors, C&G Partners created a flow of smooth interactions starting from a main menu with groupings of either 16, 3, or 2 entrepreneurs from which to select, sweeping transitions that bring in the chapter menu of interview segments, and clearly indicated controls on the playing screen, allowing the user ultimate power to pause, play, and return to the chapter and main menus.