National Museum of Natural History Supergraphics

C&G Partners has been retained by the National Museum of Natural History n Washington DC to create a 10,000 square foot interactive learning center for the walk-in public. This will be the first of its kind in the United States, featuring a blend of media interactivity, staff-led personal programming and hands-on encounters with the Museum’s collection of millions of scientific collection objects, from bones to butterflies. The space features an open exploration area, a mezzanine “maker space” lounge for visitors, a distance learning classroom equipped with telepresence, a focused investigation space for large groups to go through a longer laboratory experience with scanning microscopes and experts on tap, and a 100-seat theater that can be converted into a demonstration room by telescoping the seating into a wall storage pocket. Visitors can participate in pre-set investigations, explore their own questions in open storage displays, and work with scientists in a behind-the-scenes space open to the public.