New York University, Bobst Library A Mediterranean Mirror & Art and Politics Exhibits

The firm was commissioned to design two exhibits to run concurrently in NYU’s Mamdouha S. Bobst Gallery. A Mediterranean Mirror: Catalan Law in an International Context looks at the social issues that have shaped Catalan society, providing a mirror image of a country by its careful examination of the region’s historic legal and judicial texts, beginning with the ratified laws of medieval Spanish society and ending with the document that officially established Catalonia as an autonomous region, coming after the Spanish Civil War and the brutal dictatorship of General Francisco Franco.The second exhibition, Art and Politics: Posters from the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939, uses the colorful, graphically kinetic poster art of the Spanish Civil War era as a lens to deconstruct the political themes, popular conceptions and stark cultural conflicts that led to the triumph of fascism in Spain. Both exhibits tell the compelling stories of a population’s struggle for regional independence, liberty, and identity in the harsh circumstances of political upheaval.