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Yankee Stadium Museum is a 6,000 square foot gallery housing permanent and rotating exhibits about sports’ greatest team. The museum’s central space is devoted to a “ball-wall” installation commemorating one of the team’s greatest moments: pitcher Don Larsen’s perfect game five of the 1956 World Series. His release of the final pitch to catcher Yogi Berra has been frozen in sculptural time, with the arc of the pitch itself serving as the base for a display of more than 1,000 baseballs autographed by Yankee alumni. Other permanent displays include a model of the 2009 stadium on a user-controlled turntable, while Thurmon Munson’s locker is depicted exactly as he left it prior to the tragic 1970 flight that took his life. On Opening Day, the rotating exhibit cases displayed four thematic exhibits composed of artifacts, photographs and video. Top of the Heap, charts the teams 26 World Series championships, while Sultan of Swat focuses on the greatest Yankee of them all, Babe Ruth. The Closest Tie looks at the team’s rich relationship with the legendary Negro Leagues of the 1920s-1940s, and the final exhibit examines the evolution of Yankee Stadium’s seating from 1923 through to today.