Fresh image 2 from Fresh Project: OppenheimerFunds
Project image 2 for Motion & Multimedia, OppenheimerFunds

OppenheimerFunds, one of the nation’s largest and most respected investment management companies, called upon C&G Partner’s interactive capabilities to promote their program, “Art of the Client Review.” The program was enhanced from its initial state once OppenheimerFunds conducted extensive research, indicating that financial advisors need to re-engage with their clients while understanding the emotional responses resulting from this time of economic turbulence. To clearly and confidently promote this new tool for financial advisors, C&G Partners created a microsite tailored specifically to the advisor community, starting with bold, dynamic graphics in a Flash animation, and following through with a preview of the program’s click-through sequence from which advisors can learn more about the program. With the launch of the campaign, 22% of users who came to the site made it to the registration page and 84% of those people registered.