RRA 2016_San Francisco_Logo
RRA 2016_San Francisco_Stationary
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RRA 2016_SF_Stage Crop
RRA 2016 Berlin_Logo
RRA 2015 Berlin_Print Collateral
RRA 2015 Berlin_Special Event 1
RRA 2015 Berlin Special_Graffiti
RRA 2015 Berlin Special_invitation
RRA 2015_Berlin_Outside Graffiti
RRA 2014 Mexico_Print Collateral
Rra Three Year Stage (PNG)

Russell Reynolds Associates (RRA), with more than 370 consultants in 46 international offices, is a global leader in executive search and leadership consulting. Since 2014, C&G Partners has partnered with RRA's expert marketing team to create event branding, print, media, physical decor and signage for three annual events. Environmental installations included stage and lighting design, integrated media screens, and a series of branded animations were also integrated into the event. Although the events were on different continents with different themes, our approach was the same each time: develop a unique event theme and visual identity that ties to the RRA brand, deploy it as ubiquitously as possible, and thoughtfully conceive all applications large and small. 

The 2016 RRA All Consultants Meeting in San Francisco required a tech-forward, Bay Area design that reflected the theme "What's Next." Brand textures that layered impressionistic digital halftones with the San Francisco skyline unified the event design elements. As the conference was paperless, C&G designed custom app icons and interface elements for the new digital system. Berlin, Germany was home to the 2015 RRA Annual Shareholders Meeting. In addition to creating the event brand, physical spaces, printed material, and signage, C&G helped RRA to promote a new brand identity. Along with the main Shareholders Meeting in Berlin, C&G Partners designed the environment for an offsite dinner, incorporating Berlin’s rich heritage of street art. In 2014 the first RRA All Consultants Meeting was held on the Riviera Maya, Mexico. The event colors deliberately echo the vibrancy of Mexican tourism, while the identity and related materials reference Aztec architecture and RRA's sustained growth.