Project image 1 for Signage, Signature Theatre Company
Signature Theatre Company Brand Identity
Project image 3 for Signage, Signature Theatre Company
Project image 4 for Signage, Signature Theatre Company

Signature Theatre Company is a vibrant New York City cultural institution with a fifteen year history of celebrating the living playwright. This unique theatrical experience is located in an intimate space on 42nd Street, several blocks from Time Square and crowded in on all sides by tall buildings, traffic, and all-important, but unfortunately placed, shade trees.

With the occasion of their new identity launched by C&G Partners for the 2007-2008 season, Signature Theatre Company had the opportunity to redesign the exterior and front-of-house areas to get noticed and really make some noise appropriate to the vitality of the work performed inside.

Taking advantage of the lively color palette and mutable mark created by layering the signatures of the theatre’s canon of playwrights-in-residence, the new face of the theatre calls passersby into the space. The logo is reversed out of the main floor-to-ceiling window allowing viewers to literally look through the playwrights’ signatures into the reception area. The mark is used again as a tremendous frame around the box office, often a visitor’s first interaction with the theatre, offering a glimpse of the experience they are about to be encompassed by.