Discovery Times Square Star Wars and the Power of Costume

The firm was hired by event producers Running Subway Inc. to amend and transform the Smithsonian SITES-exhibition of more than 70 original costumes from every Star Wars film, including the soon to be released The Force Awakens. While the original exhibit is an exciting display and interpretive rendition of the impact of production design and costumes on the movies’ universe, we were tasked with adding a deeper visual treatment, sound and lighting design and stagecraft to deepen the sense of immersion and provide a blockbuster feel to accompany the opening of the latest installment of the famed franchise. While the costumes, backdrops and special effects are the focus of the exhibit, several exhibition videos allow visitors to see and hear from the designers, actors, and George Lucas himself. Smithsonian scholars provide cultural and historical context, while interactive encounters enable museumgoers to witness the costume designer’s process. In arrangements designed to evoke iconic scenes from the films, and with lighting and stage treatments that also present the costumes as timeless embodiments of high fashion, The Power of Costume is a powerful evocation of the essence of George Lucas’ vision and the exciting challenge of translating his iconic characters into a dynamic reality by a diverse and talented creative team.

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