A campus-wide system of wayfinding, donor signage and mapping, for a leading biomedical research university.Higher Ed Wayfinding Design


SNF-River Campus Sign Design

Higher education map design

Higher Education Signage Program

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RockU_River Campus


Higher-ed Signage Program

Originally tasked with the design of a new campus map, C&G Partners has also created a new campus-wide wayfinding system for the Rockefeller University, a leading biomedical research university located in New York City. The map captures the verdant landscape of the campus, maintaining the character of a hand-painted map, but with the flexibility to be updated and changed with the campus. The new wayfinding signage builds on the existing sign system, while adding new features like a digital module and a slimmer, more open structure. In addition to the campus-wide signs, C&G developed a new logo, wayfinding, digital and donor signage for the campus. A system of wayfinding was also developed to make navigation of the RU tunnel system that connects the buildings below street level more understandable.

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