JPMorgan Chase & Co. Media Wall & Food Truck Animation

C&G Partners designed a media wall for the JPMorgan Chase & Co. Manhattan headquarters to emphasize discovery and utility within a corporate environment. The media wall features internal news headlines, video clips, seasonal programming, variations on everyday clocks, and weather widgets among other components. Comprising of 240 video cubes in three 8x10 surfaces with a triple-HD final resolution, the media wall runs 24 hours a day, seven days a week. One of the most creative elements of the wall is a food truck animation that geo-locates popular food trucks near the Midtown headquarters, from the Mexican eatery Calexico to the Korean Kimchi Grill, and plots them on an isometric map. It connects corporate culture with food truck animations and is aimed at making lunchtime easier, and more exciting, for internal staff, executives, VIP visitors, and special event audiences. The functionality and appeal of the video wall make it a central point in the headquarters, transforming the architectural flow of the space.