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The Teagle Foundation website, and accompanying rebrand, convey the organization’s mission of advancing liberal arts education, as well as the value it places on collaborating with grantees. In support of the Teagle Foundation's strategies to strengthen liberal arts education as fundamental to meaningful work, effective citizenship, and a fulfilling life, the foundation's new website and brand primarily serve to promote its prestigious grantmaking programs and their impact. The design is based on the concept of bridging traditional academic value systems with future-forward problem solving for the liberal arts facilitated by the Teagle Foundation. Premised on the strength and legacy of the Teagle name, the web design and rebrand are modern enough to complement the foundation’s quest to enhance the future of liberal arts education. The new logo mark is a strong, sans-serif uppercase ‘T’ with a delicate lowercase serif ‘f’ cut out of it locked in with the foundation name. C&G Partners also created a set of serene patterns developed from a building block of the liberal arts: language. Letters, numerals, and symbols, used in a contemporary and timeless fashion, signify various facets of the liberal arts; while the collaboration between Teagle and its grantees is portrayed through the delicate interplay of letters.