C&G Partners has a regular program to get out of the studio and visit local experiences relevant to the projects we do for our clients. So it was natural for one of our stops to be NYC’s The Shed. A group from the studio visited Sonic Sphere to get inspired inside this ambitious, immersive sound and light art installation.

Sonic Sphere is a 65-foot-diameter spherical concert hall, suspended in the air inside one of The Shed’s main spaces.

The project is immersive, and presents 3D sound and light shows created by artists at the frontier of creativity. The Sphere uses 100 speakers that move sound around your body, as lighting sequences change and evolve constantly.

Sonic Sphere is the creation of artists Ed Cooke, Merijn Royaards, and Nicholas Christie, alongside the Sonic Sphere team.

Our work at C&G Partners is often informed by art, architecture, media and theater. Having a group experience inside an installation mixing all of the above was a great source of discussion in the hours and days after the trip.