C&G Partners has created a new identity, new website and new stationery for renowned New York-based architectural photographer Chuck Choi. Chuck has been commissioned by many notable architects, and we are honored that he also counts C&G Partners itself as a repeat client.

The logotype, created by a team led by Partner Emanuela Frigerio, was inspired by the observation that the two words already read like a sound, perhaps even like the sound of a camera shutter release:

The flash website, created by a team led by Associate Partner Maya Kopytman , is set on a simple white background, and features restrained transition animations and simple layers meant to foreground the photography itself, which captures the work of the world’s most intriguing architects ( Frank Gehry’s IAC Building appears above, Foster & Partners’ Kogod Courtyard for the Smithsonian Institution appears below):

Because C&G Partners itself is also a frequent subject of Chuck’s photographic efforts, the firm’s work appears on the site as well (the “America’s Favorite Architecture” exhibit for the American Institute of Architects appears here):

Client list layer (image shows C&G Partners’ Museum of American Finance exhibition project):

Publications list layer (image shows C&G Partners’ Nemours Mansion and Gardens Visitor Center project):

Contact layer (image shows C&G Partners’ NYU Bobst Library Catalan Law Books exhibit project):

The firm also created a set of business collateral items featuring the new brand identity: