Exterior, interior and literary quote signage create a "poetry of place" for the embassy of the United States in Nine Elms, London.3 Us%20Embassy%20London Exterior (JPG)

2 Us%20Embassy%20London Exterior (JPG)

12 Us%20Embassy%20London Exterior (JPG)

7 Us%20Embassy%20London Immigration (JPG)

4 Us%20Embassy%20London Seal (JPG)

10 Us%20Embassy%20London Signs (JPG)

5 Us%20Embassy%20London Seal Detail (JPG)

6 Us%20Embassy%20London Seal Quotes (JPG)

8 7 Us%20Embassy%20London Wayfinding (JPG)

9 Us%20Embassy%20London Wayfinding (JPG)

Designed around the theme of "poetry of place" in keeping with the welcoming tone of a US emissary abroad, C&G Partners developed a comprehensive site and interior signage program in concert with the distinctive “sugar cube” architecture of the building. The graphics reflect the State Department’s brand; interpret the legacy of the Embassy’s ambassadors and achieve the highest security measures while shouting neither “spies work here” nor “stand back.” Exterior and interior garden habitat and flora are interpreted, making a connection with American prairie, redwood and desert landscapes. In collaboration with Kieran Timberlake Architects and Olin Landscape Architects.

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