Museum of Jewish Heritage Timekeeper

Legendary British artist Andy Goldsworthy has become internationally famous for his subtle, nature-driven installations. He makes art from common organic materials, and sculpts rocks and landscapes into vibrant, constantly changing forms that weather over time. For the Museum of Jewish Heritage, Goldsworthy created “Garden of Stones,” a field of giant boulders overlooking New York Harbor, from which live trees sprout against all odds. To accompany the exhibit, the firm created “Timekeeper,” a user-controlled interactive station wedded to a real-time, high resolution fixed camera. The system allows visitors to travel back and forth in time to watch how the natural forces and seasonal changes have effected the artwork over the years. Any visitor who stand still in the garden long enough will themselves appear in Timekeeper, and become part of the permanent record of the passage of the seasons.

Concept Collaboration, Exhibit Design, Graphic Design: C&G Partners.
Concept Collaboration and Technology Design: Potion.