An interactive biographical collection with a surprising shape, chronicling the ongoing process of discovery in Nobel-Prize-winning biomedical labs.Rock U Kiosk Attract 1

Ru Kiosk Scientist (PNG)

Ru Kiosk Attract (PNG)

The Scientist Explorer is an interactive directory that allows users to explore the great minds who contributed to The Rockefeller University, past and present. The intuitive touch screen experience allows users to filter through scientists not only by name and field of study but by their awards, honors, and timeline at the institution. Individual biography pages provide a comprehensive overview of the scientists’ trajectory through a compelling timeline while indicating with which Rockefeller University building they are associated. Design elements like the playful color palette and distinct motion graphics are inspired by chemical particles, referencing the many great discoveries made at the world-class biomedical institution. Similarly, the unique circular form of the interactive is a play on a magnifying glass and petri dish that also dematerializes the square screen to attract visitors.

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