A dramatic experience of the art of costume, for a celebrated film series where the costumes often are the characters.Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 081 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 035 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 190 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 179 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 160 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 161 (JPG)

Star Wars Nyc Exhibition 005 (JPG)

The firm was hired by the producers of Running Subway to customize the Smithsonian SITES exhibition of more than 70 original costumes from every Star Wars film. The experience communicates the impact of production design and  costumes on the movie universe, with a striking visual treatment, custom sound and lighting design, and stagecraft to deepen the sense of dramatic immersion. While the costumes, backdrops and special effects are the focus of the exhibit, several exhibition videos allow visitors to see and hear from the designers, actors, and George  Lucas himself. Smithsonian scholarship provides cultural and historical context, while interactive encounters enable museumgoers to witness the costume designer’s process. In arrangements designed to evoke iconic scenes from the films, and with lighting and staging that present the costumes as timeless embodiments of high fashion, the exhibit is a powerful evocation of the way costume plays a key role in storytelling.

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