Announced over the weekend at the SEGD Conference in Atlanta: C&G Partners has won a 2014 SEGD Global Design Award for the exhibition “Against the Odds: American Jews and the Rescue of Europe’s Refugees 1933-1941” at the Museum of Jewish Heritage in New York. This is one of several projects the firm has done for the museum, and one of several awards we’ve brought home from SEGD over the years. Against The Odds also recently won a New York Design Award and a Finalist Award at the 2014 AIGA “Justified” competition. SEGD is the “global, multidisciplinary community of professionals who plan, design, and build experiences that connect people to place.” SEGD’s 1505 members in more than 20 countries include “graphic and information designers, fabricators, architects, exhibition designers, technology integrators, interaction designers, brand strategists, students, wayfinding specialists, teachers, and others who have a hand in shaping content-rich, experiential spaces.” Congratulations to the Museum of Jewish Heritage and to all the winners and participants in this year’s SEGD Global Design Awards.