A new suite of environmental installations designed by C&G Partners for GE’s Tax and Energy Financial Services occupies prominent locations throughout a new headquarters building in Stamford, Connecticut. The new facility is a multipurpose meeting center used by all GE divisions.


A twin pair of circular media displays face each other across a main lobby. In one, the corporate logo slowly cycles through a low-wattage, LED-driven branded color spectrum. In the other, an ambient animation of sustainable GE products unfolds at the same speed.


The “GE Skyline” is a 40-foot-long custom illustration by artist Stephen Alcorn that assembles iconic GE buildings like Nela Park and 30 Rockefeller Center into a single imaginary city.


The “Innovations Corridor” highlights GE’s most innovative products and services using hues from GE’s brand color palette. The hanging murals here are printed directly on natural fiber canvas, and large letterforms are done in sustainably harvested plywood.


The GE project was led by Partner Keith Helmetag.