For the Maryland State House, the oldest working state house in the nation, C&G Partners created a new website that launched last month. The redesign modernizes the user experience while still reflecting the unique history of the building and site.

We overhauled the existing editorial structure to give friendlier, more intuitive pathways to information. Even the core navigation itself is scalable, to give the State House the power to expand the site in future, not just add new articles.

The home page, before and after:

The site includes an extensive virtual tour highlighting significant artifacts, artwork and architecture currently inaccessible to the public.

The breadth of State House history has been organized into understandable stories, with user-friendly timelines and map interfaces. Visitor information, teacher resources, and information about the master plan are now visually prominent, to help the State House generate support for their ongoing evolution.

The redesign of the Maryland State House website was done by a team led by Associate Partner Maya Kopytman, as part of an overall master plan for all new visitor experiences, exhibits and signage that was also done by the firm.