In healthcare, studies demonstrate that “positive distractions” like digital art improve clinical outcomes for patients. C&G Managing Partner Jonathan Alger spoke about enhancing patient spaces digitally at SEGD Xlab, the annual conference on experimentation combining digital and physical. Co-presented with Phillip Tiongson of Potion, the session debuted work for Memorial Sloan Kettering’s new cancer center in Manhattan.

At MSK, healing patients is the top priority. Over the past generation, medical studies have demonstrated that using art and nature to create “positive distractions” provide improved clinical outcomes by reducing stress for patients and their caregivers. At the SEGD Xlab session, Jonathan and Phillip explored the successes, materials, techniques, and lessons learned while creating atmospheric digital installations for the Center — and delivering them just as the pandemic took hold.

The SEGD Xlab experiential case study also discussed the new changes in behavior that the pandemic is driving, and how spaces like these can be designed to evolve in response.