Center for Curatorial Leadership Brand Identity

The Center for Curatorial Leadership seeks to train curators to assume leadership positions within museums in our rapidly evolving cultural climate. While CCL has reached a pivotal moment, gaining significant recognition for its existing and planned programs, its constituent base has expanded to international and student audiences, mandating a robust platform to accurately communicate the Center’s mission, activities, and achievements, and to foster a dialog among fellows and alumni.

C&G Partners designed a new graphic identity to streamline CCL’s communications and extend their message domestically and internationally. The identity encompasses a focused, modernist approach. The acronym is rendered to evoke a human face, with a strong emphasis on the letter L, foregrounding the importance of leadership.Eschewing more artistic representation – the primary goal of the Center is to reach curators, rather than artists – the Center’s new color palette is restrained and direct, using an intuitive color-coding system to delineate programs.