Population Council Population Council - Brand Identity

Founded by John D. Rockefeller, the Population Council is an international non-governmental organization that conducts biomedical, social science, and public health research which they implement in over 50 countries. As the organization’s global footprint has increased, the demand for on-site publication creation has grown. The firm was tasked with creating publication templates that could harness the existing brand’s look and feel, while developing a flexible system that can maintain visual consistency and be reproduced easily. Because of their far-flung field offices in numerous countries, The Population Council needed templates that were flexible enough to be visually consistent across a range of differing office technologies. The organization sought to graphically highlight their new logo and tagline (Ideas. Evidence. Impact). Several visual directions were explored, but the final solution is based on the “Population Council Arc” — the top portion of the new logomark, which visually reflects progress, growth, data and story. The templates created utilize this shape as a singular graphic form or in an arc-based pattern. Large patterns were created that could be reused through a simple cropping process.