An identity connoting a structure that things grow on, for an online collaborative network used by scientists.Trellis AAAS Logo

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The branding for the Trellis networking platform cleanly and cohesively combines a new, independent identity with that of the site’s parent organization, the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). The resulting lockup is clear and effective. It is comprised of a series of repeating “T’s” emerging from within a circle, recalling both the name of the product and the structure on which plants grow. This visual metaphor reflects the network’s vision to become a place where scientists’ innovative ideas are supported and nurtured through collaboration. The crisp, linear, graphic quality of the logo is carried through to the iconography used throughout the Trellis site, and facilitates a broad array of functionalities within the platform. A positive, yet mature color palette initiates excitement and vitality amongst users; a cool teal highlights a bright orange accent color. Within the network, users and groups are encouraged to personalize their respective online spaces with a library of carefully selected, branded background options. Trellis’s marketing site also capitalizes on this approach, utilizing abstracted scientific images that speak to the platform’s tagline: Ideas Grow Here.

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